A journey into the future in the biggest dome of the world designed for entertainment, art and technology.

About Us

At Digiverse, which combines art with technology and brings visitors of all ages together with the future, 33 unique experiences await you in a 3D universe without accessories. As you experience the first perceptible experience of a new world centered on the Metaverse, you will become a part of digital works, which will open new doors to your soul and self.

In Digiverse;

Firstly, you enter the digital world through a mirrored tunnel symbolizing birth, where you will lose yourself in your search for your way. In this way, visitors release their perceptions and become open to the visual feast they will enter to carry themselves to other dimensions.


At the end of the mirrored tunnel, there is a transition to the large dome area through the mystical materials. In this area, you will see huge domes that are unique in the world, as well as the complex world we are in and the panorama wall that confronts us with the materialistic perceptions that tire our souls.


You will be able to watch digital works by positioning yourself in the domes connected to each other in different concepts in a way that you feel most comfortable. During this experience, you will witness an immersive interdimensional experience far away from the concepts of time and space.


After the domes where you will leave with a liberated soul and mind, you will continue with the panorama wall and approach the end of your tour with photo and video shooting points. As you pass through the infinity tunnel, you will realize that you are not only leaving the space, but you will carry this indescribable experience forever.